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July 16th, 2008

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Last night at Farmer City Raceway was the Quinn's Towing Street Stock Special here is a recap of the night.


Last year on Quinn's Towing night Jim Quinn had the fast time with a 15.690. Here is a look at tonight's times:


1 ) M41 Steve Maisel 16.024 from the St Louis area

2 ) 9 Terry Miller 16.162

3 ) 95 Steve Ewing 16.165

4 ) 8 David Hurst 16.368 (I believe he is from Indiana)

5 ) 0 Chris Tackett 16.395

6 ) 82 Jim Quinn 16.436...

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June 14th, 2008

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Osman Racing made another trip to Lincoln Speedway this past weekend and again, experienced positive results. There were no problems with the car as we hot lapped except for the fact that it was extremely loose, but was really fast. No changes were made on the assumption that the track would dry out and tighten the car up. We started 5th in the heat race and it was fairly uneventful. Ran side-by-side with a fellow competitor for several laps (including a little contact) until finally pulling ...

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June 7th, 2008

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Made another trip to Lincoln this past Saturday night and what an eventful one it was. We didn't get to hot lap because the battery was dead (rookie mistake). We got it charged though and started 6th in the heat race. Got a good start and was able to get around one car, finishing in 5th, earning a decent starting spot for the feature. Started 9th in the feature, my best start to date, and was very optimistic about the race. That all turned south very quick. In turn 1 on the first lap, several...

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May 25th, 2008

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Finally got the street stock out last night and I must say, I surprised myself! The car felt good in practice but was pushing just a little in the corners. We left it alone for the heat race anticipating that the track would change. The track did change a little and the car handled better. I opted out of my third starting position and started in the back because it was my first race in the new car. The race was uneventful and I passed a few cars finishing in 7th. There was no semi-feature so ...

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