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July 16th, 2008

Posted on July 17, 2008 at 10:54 PM

Last night at Farmer City Raceway was the Quinn's Towing Street Stock Special here is a recap of the night.


Last year on Quinn's Towing night Jim Quinn had the fast time with a 15.690. Here is a look at tonight's times:


1 ) M41 Steve Maisel 16.024 from the St Louis area

2 ) 9 Terry Miller 16.162

3 ) 95 Steve Ewing 16.165

4 ) 8 David Hurst 16.368 (I believe he is from Indiana)

5 ) 0 Chris Tackett 16.395

6 ) 82 Jim Quinn 16.436

7 ) 24 Lee Hall from Indiana 16.440

8 ) 00 Greg Brewer 16.519

9 ) 97 Josh Griffith 16.554

10 ) 78 Greg Rubenacker 16.654

11 ) 49 Jonah Buyno (SP) from Indiana 16.802

12 ) 21 Troy Dodson 16.811

13 ) 7 Brandon Houser 17.052

14 ) 19 Scott Thrasher 17.147

15 ) 25 Greg Osman 17.223

16 ) 47 Hugh Johnson 17.306

17 ) 22E Ricky Hoffman 17.340

18 ) 33 Doug Burbaum 17.368


Street Stock Heat 1:

Line Up

41    95

0      24

97    49

7      25



At the start Ewing and Maisel take off, two laps in there is a caution when the a car spins in 4. At the restart it is 95 41 24 0 97 49 28 227. The 95 and 41 take off a again and the 95 and 41 have a sizable lead over the 24. Then the scary event of the night happens when the leaders take the white flag on the front stretch while the 22 car spins on the back stretch. One car had no where to go and crashed hard in the 22Ecar. Ricky Hoffman was assisted from the 22 car and able to walk to the ambulance with what appeared to be a shoulder injury. The ambulance did leave the track, I'm praying for a speedy recovery for Ricky and I hope the injury is not serious. A total of three cars left the track after this incident. The race restarts with one lap to go and Steve Ewing went onto win followed by the 41 of Steve Maisel, 24 Hall, 0 Tackett, 49 Buyno, and 25 Osman.


SS heat 2

Line up

9          8

82       00

76R    21

19       47


Race Starts and 9 Miller and 8 Hurst take off for the lead. 8 Hurst leads the first lap and every lap there after to cross the finish line first in this caution free race. He was followed by Terry Miller, Jim Quinn, Greg Rubenacker, Greg Brewer, Troy Dodson, Hugh Johson, Scott Thraser and Doug Burbaum.


Street Stock Feature.

The Quinn's Towing $300 to win Street Stock Feature really was the best race of the night it was awesome to watch.There were cars racing up high, down low, and in the middle and the race ran caution free! Steve Ewing took off in the lead and he and Steve Maisel battled for the lead while Jim Quinn and Terry Miller had their own battle going for 3rd. It got really exciting when they got into lap traffic. Maisel eventually passed Ewing and then was nearly taken out by a lapped car on the last lap! However, he raced onto victory and took home the Quinn's Towing $300! Steve Ewing finished 2nd, followed by Jim Quinn 3rd, Terry Miller 4th. David Hurst 5th, Chris Tackett 6th, Lee Hall, Johna Buyno, Greg Rubanacker, Hugh Johnson, and Greg Brewer 10th. Let me repeat, this was a great race to watch.


(Special Thanks to Dee Dee for this recap.)

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